Trail Running Essentials

Short Distance Trail Runs

If you're in the early phase of your trail running career, the good news is that the barrier to entry is fairly low from a gear perspective. Mobile phones are compulsory for all trail runs, while trail shoes, hydration accessories and a first aid kit are highly recommended.

Trail Running Shoes

A good pair of trail shoes will stand you in good stead for the exciting routes that lie ahead.

Mobile Phone Carrier

To keep your mobile phone safe at all times, a suitably sized arm pouch could be exactly what you need. Alternatively, you can look at a running belt with storage capacity for important items.


Make no mistake. Even short distance trail runs will expose your skin to harsh UV light. Our range of Techniblock products will keep your skin safe and healthy.

Medium Distance Trail Runs

The moment you start tackling medium length trail runs, you'll need to invest in additional equipment and apparel to comply with race requirements.

Long Distance Trail Runs

At this point, your needs change once again. Head warmth and nutrition take on a whole new level of significance, while dry bags could prove the difference between a top 10 and a DNF.

Race Nutrition

Proper nutrition is essential when tackling longer distances. Foodbars and flavoured gels are light enough to carry and packed with everything you need to keep your energy levels high.

Fleece Beanie

This is a very important piece of gear to have on when on the mountain. It will keep your head warm during cold mornings and it can be a lifesaver if there is an accident.

Emergency Blanket

If disaster strikes, an emergency blanket can help prevent hypothermia and increase the window of time available for rescue personnel to locate and treat the affected person. It is something that every long distance trail runner needs.