Things To Consider When Buying a Home Treadmill

Make buying a home treadmill easy with this simple buying guide

A treadmill can be the ideal piece of home cardio equipment, suitable for everyone in the family. Whether you want to get fit, stay fit or just add in-home convenience to your exercise routine, a treadmill can do the job. Great for going for a walk, a jog, or even a serious run, many of the models now come with interactive, large screens that make your exercise a fully multimedia event. Fancy a run through Paris with your personal trainer or walking up Kilimanjaro with your personal guide? This is all possible from the comfort of your own home with many of the iFit compatible treadmills stocked by Sportsmans Warehouse.

But how to decide which treadmill to buy? Below are the 6 key features to consider to help you make the right purchase decision:

  1. Treadmill Dimensions
  2. The Treadmill Motor
  3. The Treadmill Deck
  4. The Treadmill Track Cushioning
  5. The Treadmill Frame
  6. The Treadmill Console

1. Treadmill Dimensions – how much space does the treadmill need

    Decide where in your home the treadmill will live, and measure the space available. No point in buying a great treadmill, only to find it doesn’t fit where you want it. Then compare your available space to the total dimensions of the treadmill – its footprint. Ideally, you also want to factor in roughly a meter clearance on either side just so that you do not feel cramped in the space, and to allow sufficient air movement both to you and to the machine.

    As an added feature, you may want to consider a treadmill that has a folding deck, which allows for great space saving between workouts.

    2. The Treadmill Motor – This is what powers the treadmill and is the most important part of the machine.

      Once you know what dimension treadmill will work for the space you have, the next important factor to consider is the motor.

      The motor is what powers the track and its power rating can be described either as horsepower (HP) or continuous horsepower (CHP). You will want to pay attention to CHP because this indicates what the motor can deliver continuously – in other words rather than just at its peak. Getting the right CHP means the motor lasts longer. All the Sportsmans Warehouse treadmills are rated by CHP.

      So how to decide how much CHP you need?

      Think about what you will be using your treadmill for, as this will help you narrow down a treadmill selection based on motor power. The heavier the exercise you wish to do on the treadmill, the higher the power of the motor you will need.


      • Walking: 2.0 CHP or higher
      • Jogging: 2.5 CHP or higher
      • Running: 3.0 CHP or higher
      • If you weigh more than 90kg: add another 0.5 CHP to each of the above

      Other factors to consider:

      Track speed: Treadmills that support top speeds of 16 km/h are adequate for most, but runners who are training for a 3-minute per kilometer will want machines with higher top speeds.

      3. The Treadmill Deck – This is the material that makes up the hard surface on which you run, and is a vital part of how comfortable the treadmill will be to use.

        The length and width of the treadmill deck is determined by the height and size of the person who will be using the machine. If you are a taller person wishing to use the treadmill for running, it is best to buy a unit with a longer and wider deck, as this will allow you to run faster, without feeling as if you are running off the deck. If you’re shorter, or just likely to walk / slow jog on the treadmill, then you can opt for a shorter, less wide model.

        While it is a personal choice, our recommendation would be:

        • Width: 51cm wide belt for runners and 46cm for walkers.
        • Length: minimum 127cm for walkers, 140 for runners, and 152cm for runners over 6 feet tall (183 cm)

        Other factors to consider:

        • The running belt thickness: A two-ply tread belt is more durable than a one-ply. Thicker tread belts also tend to be quieter during use. Running belts on Sportsmans Warehouse machines are all two-ply, meaning that the belt can run for longer before needing to be replaced.

        4. The Treadmill Track Cushioning – This protects your joints from the impact of the exercise you wish to perform on your treadmill.

          This feature is most important for runners, but can also help reduce the possibility of injury and promote stamina in walkers as well.

          The range of treadmills stocked at Sportsmans Warehouse all have track cushioning. The cushioning on most of our machines can be found in the center of the deck. This feature allows you to run further away from the console and in return gives you the perception that you are not running confined.

          5. The Treadmill Frame – This is what makes up the skeleton of the treadmill.

            Size and build quality are the key, so make sure there is enough room for you to feel comfortable when walking, or running at high speed. Additionally, you want to make sure the treadmill is of adequate quality and sturdy enough to support the activity you wish to perform.

            Handrails should also be considered as they can be used to lean on when you become tired. Make sure they are able to support your weight. Foot rails are there to allow you to place your feet off the belt when getting ready to start the machine.

            Other features:

            • Water bottle holders
            • Workout fans
            • Tablet holders
            • Pulse grip and heart rate sensors (Pulse sensors are 60 – 70% accurate and heart rate chest belts are 90 – 100% accurate).

            6. The Treadmill Console

              This is the treadmill control center – the part of the treadmill where you are able to adjust settings according to your preferences, choose workout programs and if it has an interactive screen, immerse yourself in a workout in virtual reality.

              Most treadmills are sold with preset workout programs and will support your various exercise goals. For example, they will be able to guide you through a workout program to lose weight or improve your endurance. Programs are classified in weight loss, performance and aerobic, to make it easier to select a specific workout for your goals.

              These programs will also control the speed of the treadmill and may also adjust the incline. Sportsmans Warehouse machines all have motorized incline functionality and are not manual as many other retailers.

              Beyond the preloaded workout options, you can now choose to add extra workout technology to your purchase with many treadmill brands. One popular option is iFit – the incredible fitness platform that connects you and your NordicTrack/Pro Form machine to online, with access to interactive training tools to keep track of your progress, connect to a supportive community to help you achieve your ultimate fitness goals or simply enjoy having a virtual personal trainer training you on real routes across the globe.

              Learn more about iFit 


              Once you have selected the treadmill that suits your needs, you will be pleased to know that Sportsmans Warehouse takes care of both delivery and installation – free of charge at your home.

              And all models of treadmills are sold with warranties. If you ever have a problem with your treadmill, Sportsmans Warehouse Service Centre is on hand to make the necessary repairs.