The Treadmill Challenge

Incorporating speedwork into your regular training routine improves your stride, increases your power production as it works your fast-twitch muscles, strengthens your cardiovascular system and improves your overall efficiency. Sean Garner, a well-know fitness trainer from Florida, came up with the treadmill challenge below.

How To Conduct The Challenge

The following challenge should be conducted once a week or once every two weeks. Track your times after each sprint to see if you can beat yourself in the future. Focus on maximum effort for each sprint. Overtime, you will notice (hopefully) an improvement in your overall speed for longer distance runs.

The Challange:

  • 400m sprint, 1 minute rest
  • 200m sprint, 1 minute rest
  • 400m sprint, 1 minute rest
  • 200m sprint, 1 minute rest.
  • 400m sprint
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