Heart Rate Monitors - Why Train with Them?


  • Heart rate is an indicator of exercise intensity.
  • Helps you understand your exercise intensity, which is calculated as a percentage of your maximum heart rate.
  • When you train at the right intensity you get the result you’re looking for – weight loss, improving fitness or developing maximum performance and speed.
  • Allows you to monitor and control the intensity of exercise.
  • A heart rate monitor is particularly useful for those wanting to lose weight and burn fat - helps you to ensure that you are working at the correct intensity to burn the most calories.
  • Maintain your motivation by quantifying your exercise sessions in terms of calories burned, minimum, maximum and average heart rate.

What is your maximum heart rate?

  • Highest number of beats per minute (bpm) an individual can achieve when training.
  • Maximum heart rate is unique to each individual and is based on age, fitness level, size and gender.

How do you calculate your maximum heart rate?

  • Male: 220 – Age = Maximum heart rate for a 30 year old: 220 – 30 = 190
  • Female: 226 – Age = Maximum heart rate for a 30 year old: 220 – 30 = 190
  • For a 30 year old: 226 – 30 = 196
  • Maximum heart rate is required to determine the training intensity which is shown as a % of maximum heart rate.

Understanding Heart Rate Zones

Things to consider when choosing a heart rate monitor

  • What is your objective? Weight loss, Improve fitness or Maximize performance?
  • Does it displays calories burned?
  • Can you view minimum, maximum and average heart rate?
  • Does it show the time spent in different heart rate zones?
  • Does it keep a training summary of previous workouts?
  • Can you view training information online?
  • Is there an option to add other accessories (GPS, foot pod, speed/cadence sensors).
  • Does it support a Fitness Test to measure aerobic fitness at rest to track your progress?
  • Is there a Multi-sport option to change between run, bike and swim?
  • Does it have water-resistant properties?
  • Does it have a built-in GPS?
  • Does it have good battery life?
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