How to Maximise your Discovery Benefits at Sportsman's Wareh

With incredible savings on all things health and fitness, you won’t want to miss out on how to maximise your Discovery Benefits at Sportsmans Warehouse. Earn discounts on an endless selection of fitness gear by selecting us as your primary rewards partner.

Not sure how it works? We’ve formulated a comprehensive guide to ensure that your money goes that much further every time you shop at Sportsmans Warehouse.

Not only do the offers below enable you to save a ton of money - they can also push you to be the healthiest version of yourself! Since many of the discounts are linked to the number of fitness goals you achieve each month, they act as an incentive to exercise more.

Ultimately, it all boils down to making better lifestyle choices toward a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

Maximise your Discovery Benefits with Active Gear

By activating Vitality Active Rewards, completing your Vitality Age and Vitality Health Check or Virtual Health Check-In, you can get up to 25% upfront discount on qualifying sports gear and equipment when you shop at Sportsmans Warehouse.

Important Information:

When can I use my reward: Once you have selected your reward, your upfront discount and partner are locked in for the rest of the month. Additionally, if you do any assessments after you have selected your reward, they will only count towards the next month’s upfront discount percentage.

When does my reward expire: You have until the end of the calendar month to redeem your reward. In the next month, you can select a new reward at a different partner if you like. Your cap will reset and you can once again get your upfront discount on qualifying spend of R2 000 per member.

Are there any limits to the Sports Gear and Equipment rewards:

  • Your upfront discount applies to R2 000 of qualifying spend per calendar month. 
  • What you do not use for the qualifying spend is not carried over to the next calendar month. 
  • You cannot use a Sports gear and equipment reward in the same transaction as any of the Nike footwear/Nike performance apparel or device rewards.

Maximise your Discovery Benefits with Device and Nike Apparel Rewards

Earn up to 50% discount on a new Fitness Device, Nike Footwear or Performance Apparel. This benefit will be replacing the old Shoe and Device Booster.

BASE OF 25% DISCOUNT: By activating Vitality Active Rewards, Vitality Age and Vitality Health Check or Virtual Health Check-In

ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT OF UP TO 25%: These discounts are based on the number of Vitality Active Rewards Achieved. You will receive a 5% discount for every 5 goals achieved in the last 52 weeks. Your Vitality Active Rewards will reset to 0 once a reward has been selected.

Important Information:

When can I use my reward: You have 30 days in which to redeem your reward once you have selected the reward and your upfront discount percentage is locked in. Remember that your Vitality Active Rewards will reset to 0 once a voucher has been selected, however, your Vitality health assessments percentages do not reset when choosing a reward.

When does my reward expire: Your reward will expire 30 days after selection, after which you can choose a new one. Remember that if your reward expires, your exercise goals will then be calculated as at the date of expiry going back 52 rolling weeks. You will only need to start from the beginning again if you redeem the reward.

Are there any limits to the Device and Nike Apparel rewards:    

  • Only one item can be redeemed with each reward code. If you are redeeming a Nike performance apparel reward, only one Nike apparel item will have the discount applied to it, even if both items in your basket are still within the R1 000 Nike apparel qualifying spend limit. 
  • Every 52 rolling weeks from the time of redeeming your booster reward, you will get the same qualifying spend back with which to use for more boosters. The qualifying spend you get back is not the amount you paid for the item but the relevant amount associated with each booster. (R4 000 for a device, R2 000 for Nike footwear and R1 000 for Nike performance apparel) 
  • You can only have one reward available at any given time for either a fitness device, Nike footwear or Nike performance apparel. 
  • Each reward has its own spend limit. Once redeemed, your overall spend limit of R6 000 will reduce by that amount and not the retail value. The discount will apply to the qualifying spend of each booster – Devices R4 000, Nike footwear R2 000 or Nike performance apparel R1 000. 
  • You cannot use part of a reward to redeem a fitness device, Nike footwear and Nike performance apparel. The reward’s full value is used towards your Vitality Active Gear available spend limit whether the item you bought costs less or more. 
  • If you spend more than the limit, you’ll get a discount on the maximum value of the qualifying spend limit. If you spend under the limit, the full amount of that limit will be deducted from your overall available qualifying spend limit. 
  • Once you have used your reward, you can select another one if you have enough overall limit remaining. 
  • You cannot use a sports gear and equipment reward along with a fitness device or Nike gear booster reward in the same transaction – only the first reward will take effect. You can use the second one in a separate transaction.

    Vitality Benefit Breakdown

    Final Thoughts

    Let Sportsmans Warehouse help you save money as you get fitter, stronger and healthier. With all the various ways to save on your fitness gear, perhaps it’s time to start a new challenge? Maybe it’s a good time to train for a marathon or start building a home gym?

    With these amazing cash-saving benefits, you can buy a brand new pair of running shoes to get you started, plus a fancy new fitness watch to track your progress.
    Funded by your dedication to reach fitness goals, there are so many ways to maximize your Discovery benefits at Sportsmans Warehouse.