The Benefits Of Heart Rate Based Training

Have you ever wondered why the latest fitness tech includes wrist-based heart rate or why every runner you spot has a fancy heart rate monitor? The reason is efficient training. Many fitness buffs can go too hard and push their bodies too far, which can be inefficient or even unhealthy. But a good heart rate monitor might be the only training partner you need to take your fitness to new heights. Heart rate training can be very beneficial for your health and recovery, here's why:

  • Get Motivated: Your HR monitor can show you what pace, distance & fitness level your body is actually capable of. This can give you a boost in motivation when you see that your usual pace is below your capable pace. An HR monitor will constantly track your progress which will motivate you to go further or push harder.
  • Train Smarter: Hit the sweet spot of efficient training by targeting weight loss, fitness or recovery, with different HR Zones. Your HR monitor can tell you if you’re working too hard/not hard enough or even over training. So, if your heart rate is too high on a recovery run, you might be due for a few days off to avoid injuries.
  • Switch Things Up: HR training keeps your training exciting and new. You don’t have to run the same distance, at the same level of intensity, every day. Train in different HR-zones to ensure you reap the benefits and recover properly.
  • Avoid Injuries: This training helps you to avoid various injuries by ensuring that you don’t undercut your recovery by overdoing it on your easy runs/training days. You can avoid too much fatigue in your legs, keep your heart rate stable and your muscles more relaxed on your next run.
  • Maximize Training: Maximize the calories you burn, increase your aerobic capacity and strengthen your heart and lungs by training in your various zones.
  • Healthy Heart: Your heart has a pretty important job to do - to pump oxygen-rich blood through your body. When you exercise, the heart gets bigger and pumps more blood with each beat. This means you can strengthen and train your heart to work more efficiently. HR training can put you on the fast track towards a healthier heart that pumps more oxygenated blood around your body at a lower rate. Work your way to a lower resting heart rate which can decrease your risk of heart disease in the future.

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