Hiking Checklist: How to Pack Your Backpack

How To Pack A Back Pack

  1. Do not overload yourself. Less than 12 kilograms is considered ideal.
  2. Line the pack with a strong, waterproof bag. If the lining is orange, it can be used to signal an emergency.
  3. Put in bulky, lighter items first, including your sleeping bag
  4. Ensure your pack is well balanced and positioned as close to your body's centre of gravity as possible
  5. Pack spare clothing in waterproof bags
  6. Pack heavier items close to your back and higher up in your pack
  7. Do not pack sharp objects close to your back
  8. Ensure that waterproof & warm garments are easily accessible
  9. Pack the side pockets before the main body
  10. Ensure the following can be reached instantly: First aid kit, waterproof poncho, ,survival bag, whistle, torch, compass/GPS, map, water bottle, cell phone
  11. If the pack isn't too full, use the compression straps to hold the load tightly and prevent back sway, reducing fatigue

Pack smart and make sure you are well equipped for your hike.

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