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Material of Ball
Type of Ball
Sold Out
R409.90   R549.90 Save R140.00
Sold Out
R489.90   R649.90 Save R160.00
Livepro Medicine Ball 5kg
R559.90   R749.90 Save R190.00
Livepro Medicine Ball 6kg
R649.90   R869.90 Save R220.00
Livepro Wall Ball 3kg
R599.90   R789.90 Save R190.00
Sold Out
R629.90   R839.90 Save R210.00
Livepro Wall Ball 8kg
R709.90   R949.90 Save R240.00
Livepro Wall Ball 10kg
R769.90   R1029.90 Save R260.00
Sold Out
R749.90   R999.90 Save R250.00
Livepro Medicine Ball 1kg
R259.90   R349.90 Save R90.00
Sold Out
R329.90   R439.90 Save R110.00
HS Fitness Inflatable Medicine Ball - 3kg
R299.90   R459.90
SAVE R160.00
HS Fitness Inflatable Medicine ball 1.5kg
R199.90   R329.90
SAVE R130.00
HS Fitness Inflatable Medicine Ball - 5kg
R399.90   R569.90
SAVE R170.00
HS Fitness Inflatable Medicine Ball - 7kg
R499.90   R679.90
SAVE R180.00

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